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Nicholas Kyriacopoulos Toronto

What do most successful people share in Toronto? A question like that serves as an ideal icebreaker since it might lead to a great number of answers and stories to support them.

Successful people share the mindset that comes from a good combo like the background multiplied by a strong desire to challenge themselves and a wish to do something good for the people in their community.

Successful developers are a good example that shows that sharing and giving to the community is much more bigger and rewarding than just doing something for yourself only. Nicolas Kyriacopoulos is one of them, but what is his story, and what stands behind the image of a successful development entrepreneur and businessman?

Nicolas Kyriacopoulos Montreal

The story of Nicolas Kyriacopoulos goes back to the late 70s Montreal, Quebec. Born in 1978 to immigrant parents, Nicolas took in all the best that both of his parents’ backgrounds could offer. He credits his mental agility to his Greek father and philanthropy and open-mindedness to his Russian-speaking mother.

Ancient Greece always fascinated Nicolas as it is considered the cradle of the Olympic Games and a number of popular sports nowadays have their roots in ancient times. So no wonder that Nicolas took some interest in wrestling, which is one of the oldest contact sports. He was training a lot to become a pro wrestler and even to this day sports play a huge role in his life as it helped to mold his character and become the man he is now.

The small athletic club where Nicolas was training was located right in the center of the old City of Montreal.

nicholas kyriacopoulos canada

Montreal, the fantastic place that combines the old and the new, played an important role in the becoming of Nicolas as a successful developer. He absorbed the beauty of various architectural styles that were gifted to the city by the French and the British, the narrow streets with the cafes and patios that resemble Europe so much and bring the feeling of the close presence of history that stands behind the buildings and create the atmosphere of joy.

The idea of creating something beautiful and giving it back to the community that helped him to become a successful developer was just a matter of time.

Nicolas Kyriacopoulos founded a group holding and finance company in 2012 with the vision of building townhouses in underserved markets. Since that time he has developed over 400 homes and units in Ontario. These are the projects that are custom made and include condos, townhomes, commercial and industrial property.

However, his interests do not limit only to building and architecture. One of his many projects is a company that offers pharma-grade medical cannabis products to patients worldwide. Combining the best of what science and agriculture could deliver might improve the health and quality of life of those in need and their families.

nicholas kyriacopoulos toronto

Family plays the most important part in a man’s life as it is vital to have support in anything you do and have people by your side. In becoming Nicolas Kyriacopoulos, a successful development entrepreneur and businessman much could be addressed to his family: his parents, his beloved wife, and their twin girls. So no wonder the 43-year-old Kyriacopoulos beams brightest in their presence or just when he is talking about them.

Nicolas Kyriacopoulos and Charity

Being an active member of the Jewish community due to the deep ties to his maternal Jewish heritage, he regularly donates his time and money to support local Rabbis and some other worthy causes. Building a school park for the Montessori School in GTA is one of the good causes that echoed with his heart.

Montessori School famous for its mission that states that education leads the souls of children to a pathway to determine what is best for them and in doing so they will make the most out of their lives. It is the kind of philosophy that resonates with Nicolas Kyriacopoulos’s beliefs, therefore no surprise he was more than happy to assist in such a cause.

Giving to the community, appreciating what you have and wishing to change the lives of people are the things that make the story of one of the most successful entrepreneurs so outstanding and appealing to each and every one.

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